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Making Coconut/Almond/Soya Milk kefir

Kefir is amazing but it is not just for those who can drink dairy. For those who wish to avoid dairy or for those who just fancy a change from dairy milk kefir coconut milk kefir is a great alternative to make or you can make Almond milk kefir you can also make fruit smoothies (dairy and dairy free). 

Coconut milk kefir

There are several options for making coconut kefir, some contain minimal dairy so are not suitable for those looking to avoid dairy altogether and...

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How to clean without using harsh chemicals?

This is a question we get asked all the time when we state that we do not use harsh chemicals to clean (we do not believe they are good for the cultures and prefer to do things as naturally as possible and certain chemicals are banned by the Organic regulations anyway) so this week we have put a handy guide for you. 

How to clean without harmful chemicals

There are so many different areas around your home that need regular cleaning, many of us look for natural alternatives to commercial cleaners. Here we’ll share top tips for how to clean a mirror, kitchen surfaces and so much more without needing to use harsh chemicals..............

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Is this Mold or a yeast chain?

So scobies can do some weird and wonderful things but what is normal and when should i worry?

Brewing Kombucha is often not the prettiest of brews and the most commonly asked question we get asked is if a brew has gone moldy. So we have put together a little photo gallery for you. 

I have included these pictures as people often panic when there scobies stop looking all white and pristine after you first brew with them!

Scobies can do some weird and wonderful things during brewing.... here is just a few examples....

This scoby has split in two...

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Why does water kefir/kombucha/ginger beer explode and how can i stop it?

Fermented drinks such as water kefir and kombucha and ginger beer are fun and very easy to make and drink. The bacteria and yeast in the cultures converts the sugars into lactic acid, a very small amount of alcohol, and a lot of carbon dioxide. In some cases too much carbon dioxide,  and as the drink continues to ferment, more and more gas is created. This gas creates pressure when it is sealed into a bottle and the more gas that is created the more pressure is created, and too much can cause problems.water kefir

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We Now sell Ready Made Milk Kefir.

Our Milk kefir is hand made using our wonderful grains and Locally produced grass fed Organic Milk (We never used mass produced Milk with our grains). We make our kefir in small batches and brew at a low temperature to produce a wonderful tasting drink.

Ready made milk kefir

Our milk kefir contains no additives, is certified organic, is GMO free and has no added sweeteners flavourings or additives. It is simple milk and live milk kefir cultures.  

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