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We Now sell Ready Made Milk Kefir.

Our Milk kefir is hand made using our wonderful grains and Locally produced grass fed Organic Milk (We never used mass produced Milk with our grains). We make our kefir in small batches and brew at a low temperature to produce a wonderful tasting drink.

Ready made milk kefir

Our milk kefir contains no additives, is certified organic, is GMO free and has no added sweeteners flavourings or additives. It is simple milk and live milk kefir cultures.  

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Fermented Vegetables: Simple, Delicious and Rich in Probiotics!

Fermented foods add good bacteria to the gut. This good bacteria helps to do many things like strengthen the immune system and regulate appetite.

Fermented vegetables are a great and tasty way to get a daily dose of probiotics to maintain gut health.

Fermenting veggies is a cheap and tasty way of adding good bacteria too the gut!

Fermentation can also add nutritional value to whatever you ferment. The bacteria produce B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and digestive enzymes not present before fermentation. During fermentation, good bacteria also helps predigest all the vitamins and nutrients in the vegetables themselves, making them more bioavailable to the body. The health payoff of this nutrient boost can be huge.

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Batch method and continuous method Kombucha- what's the difference?

While making Kombucha is quick easy and very adaptable, those new to home brewering can have questions about the two different methods, Kombucha Continuous Brew vs Batch Brew so below we have complied a brief breakdown of the two different methods. 

Ultimately please always remember so long as you are enjoying the flavour and the process, there is no wrong way to make Kombucha.What works for you is best. 

Organic certified, UkAS tested kombucha scobies by happy kombucha


So what is Batch method kombucha brewing? 

  • Batch Brewing involves removing everything when your brew is ready and starting...

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have you watched our Youtube video?


Did you know we have a Youtube channel? It has lots of useful info and how to videos. Marcus our Kombucha Guru talks you through what to do, what equipment you need and offers advice. 


 youtube channel

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How to build a scoby hotel

blog info kombucha scobies

So you have been successfully brewing your kombucha for quite some time and now have lots of baby scobys, you do not want to have to throw them away and you might need them in the future so what do you do......

 You are going to want to create a SCOBY Hotel, this is a spot for your SCOBYs for them to chill out until an emergency arises and you need to use them.



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