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Milk Kefir

Our grains are micro-biologically verified (lab tested) to prove their quality and safety. They are grown in our 5 star food hygiene rated facility and are grown by experts in kefir. These are not just someone's spare grains, they have been grown with love care and attention by hand,  but professionally with all safety and standards in place.You will find that most (if not all) of the other grains sold do not meet these standards, Why take risks when you can buy top quality tested grains?

All kefir is not created equal. Since kefir grains are living organisms, they have a unique bio-profile. As our kefir grains are nurtured in certified organic milk in a professional environment , they are very very different than kefir that is just some one's spare grains. We cannot speak for the efficacy of any kefir other than our own and we do not supply anyone else. You will only get Happy Kombucha grains from us.

we are one of the Uk's biggest suppliers of live cultures with a reputation of supplying top quality cultures, we regularly supply labs and universities with grains for studies involving kefir due to the quality of our product.

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