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Living drinks- with Live gut loving bio Cultures-Organic Certified

Happy Kombucha is the probiotic/living drinks specialist you can trust, with a superb range of natural products that are specifically chosen for their exceptional benefits and delicious natural flavour!  All Our Live Cultures are Soil association Certified and they are grown in our purpose build 5 star food hygiene rated state of the art facility. The live and living drinks that are featured on our website are not only incredibly flavoursome and refreshing, they are also amazingly good for your tummy and they are naturally formulated to promote a new sense of wellbeing and inner health. Unlike many of the probiotic yoghurts that you will find in the supermarket, the organic health drinks that we supply are made only from the highest quality kefir grains (not synthetic bacteria) which we have personally cultured ourselves for maximum goodness. Our products are all guaranteed GMO free, Certified Organic have no additives, no preservatives. Just 100% natural natural and made with lots of Love! 

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With the help, advice and wide range of available products here at Happy Kombucha, we offer you all you need to begin creating your very own supply of healthy, nutrient packed Live Culture drink reserves; helping you and your family gain an influentially enlightening health boost that maintains your body’s digestive capabilities and ensures that above all else, you gain the right vitamins and minerals necessary to keep yourself feeling in tip top shape without the need to spend a fortune. 

Whatever your views are on cultures and organically grown, completely natural health supplements, one thing is for sure, when relying on experts such as the team here at Happy Kombucha you will be greeted with an exceptional level of satisfaction that will ensure you return. We will advise and guide you on the best ways to produce your own Live drinks that are quick to produce, giving you a cost effective and efficient way to gain all the goodness that adding beneficial bacteria to the gut drink should give you. Discover the huge benefits to creating your very own, slightly effervescent beverages today.

Probiotic beverages such as Rejuvelec that can be easily made from a variety of grains or seeds and numerous yogurt culture-derived probiotic infusions are fermented drinks that are packed full of nutrients and essential vitamins and healthy enzymes. The entire focus behind the implementation of these Live culture drinks within a healthy diet is to encourage a healthy boost for your body, being especially beneficial in promoting a healthy digestive tract and complete digestive system.

Soil association certified probiotic bio cultures