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All Gift ideas

We have lots of Amazing stuff that will make perfect presents this Christmas. From Butter Making kits to Kombucha and kefir starter kits. 

Please note the following if you order LIVE cultures:

The live cultures can only survive for a short period before they need to be used. If you are buying a kit or cultures as a gift we strongly recommend that you purchase the dehydrated versions as these need no special care and can survive for several months before they need to be used. If you do decide to go with the live culture then please bear the following in mind.

Kombucha- Live Kombucha cultures can survive in their packaging for a maximum of 4 weeks (stored at room temperature). 

Kefir- Live Kefir (both the water and Milk and ginger water) can survive for a maximum of 15 days (refrigerated) 

Yogurts-these are not really suitable as gifts as they need to be used with 5 days

Ginger Beer- These can survive for a maximum of 15 days (refrigerated)

If you are ordering live grains as a gift for Christmas and would like us to hold the order and send out just before christmas then please put a note on your order with the date you need it delivered by. We are always happy to hold orders and send at the last minute however in order to guarantee delivery we do recommend using a courier delivery for this as they are much more reliable and we have more control over the delivery.