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Organic certification

Since we began (a long time ago in 2009) we have been committed to supporting organic agriculture and are proud members of the Soil Association: the UK’s leading organic charity and certifying body. We work hard to make sure we have as many organic products to choose from as possible! and our live Cultures are grown using only organic certified ingredients and are certified as Organic. 

Reasons to choose organic.

  • Organic production contributes to a high level of biodiversity and the preservation of species and natural habitats.
  • Organic production makes responsible use of energy and natural resources
  • Organic production enhances soil life, natural soil fertility and water quality

Organic labelling offers consumers confidence that their goods are produced under controlled organic standards. All organic licence holders are inspected and Audited frequently to ensure that their products conform to Organic standards and this is not just about the ingredients used.

 An organic licence is required to grow, process and market organic products. Any seller that is stating that their goods are organic but does not hold a licence is trading illegally (and if they are willing to trade illegally on that what else are they trading illegally on?).  Please note the vast majority of live culture sellers all state their products are Organic but very very few of them are licensed. Always ask for their licence and which certifying body they belong to. 

 All the organic food items we sell, regardless of country of origin, come from farms and factories that have been independently inspected and audited at least once a year. Look out for these trusted EU / SA symbols when you purchase.


Click here to go to the Soil Association website for more information on organic farming.

From time to time, the Soil Association holds public consultations on their standards. We encourage you to get involved and participate in these consultations. Please click here if you would like to 

Organic certificate






 Download a copy of our certificate here