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Warm weather care!

Don't forget Your cultures when the temperatures rise, remember to keep them out of direct sunlight and if it gets really hot (......well it might happen!) you might need to use a cool water bath the keep your cultures cool.

Here's some handy tips to help you survive the warmer weather.

  • Reduce the brew time

The warmer temperatures will make all cultures go faster so reducing the brew time, this will greatly increase your chances of success with virtually all cultures.

  • Use an ice bath or cooler to keep the temperature down.

Using a cool bag  or box with an ice pack or bottle/jug filled with iced water in it (but not touching the culture jar) can help keep the temperature down. Remember you are only looking to reduce the temperature a bit, not chill it, cultures do not really like being chilled. Also beware of cross contamination with this method, either use lids or cling film to cover the cultures with this method rather than brewing cloths and be extra vigilant. 

In water bath can also help so you literally stand the jar in a large bowl of cool water, you will need to refresh the water occasionally but again this method is good at stopping your cultures overheating.

with larger crocks or giant jars you may need to stand the crock/jar in a sink/bath or washing bowl of cool water.

  • Marble 

Marble is really good at staying cool so if you have marble counters then they are good to stand your cultures on, if you have a marble chopping board use it to help keep your cultures cool (never stand cultures on a marble floor, cultures should never be brewed at ground level)

  • Location

This might sound obvious but the higher up in the room your store your cultures the warmer it will be so if you have a low cupboard it is likely to be cooler than a high one (again never stand a brew on the floor, that too low!) and some rooms are cooler than others so try moving your cultures around to cooler rooms and keep them out of bright sunny rooms and in the shade! Basements (so long as they are dry and mold free) are generally nice and cool or pantries.  Try and keep your cultures away from appliances (unlike in the winter!) as cookers, fridges and boilers will produce a lot of extra heat. 


We had to give a big Thank you to Helen Catt  for the picture, shes been taking warm weather care for her cultures to extremes!  Seriously though, ferments do not like direct sunlight and so keep your booch brew somewhere shady! although i'm not sure there's really any need for the sunscreen!
Got any funny scoby pics you want to share, send them to us, we love them!

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