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 When we speak to people they often ask us how and why we started Happy Kombucha and when we tell them our story they tell us we should write a book about it... so we have!

The [un]lucky Girl?

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By the time I was fifteen I had lost both my mother and step mother to cancer. By twenty two I was homeless on the streets of Brighton.

This is the story of my journey, my adventure. From the tragedy and hardship of my childhood growing up on a Newcastle council estate to falling in love and running away with the man who brought hope and belief back into my life.

This is also the story of the man I fell in love with, whose ambition to understand and find a true meaning to life was as great as the self destructive instincts that initially prevailed within him.

Together we fell in love, ran away together, battled back from homelessness, saved each other, and founded our company, Happy Kombucha.

Together we have sought out a path that we feel is right - a path upon which there can be a genuine peace and meaning to life.

This is our story.

and this is not Marcus's only book. His other books are also available on Amazon and here they are:


Also available through Amazon

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It's 2059, a Biochemical war has left the earth scorched. Any remaining functioning cities are like islands separated by a vast expanse of desolate, plague ridden, Zombie infested, post-apocalyptic landscape.

Andreus Spillotano is one of the survivors. When he walks inside a derelict New London tower block his life changes forever. Washed up and on the brink of losing his mind, the one time award winning journalist gambles on the far fetched dreams of two young squatters he finds hiding out in the tower block's penthouse.

It's a choice that sees him embark on a journey that not only offers him the chance of his own redemption, but leads him to unearth a conspiracy behind the war that has so decimated the earth and led to the collapse of democracy throughout Europe.

What follows is a desperate battle of wits as he and his young associates fight their way across Earth's shattered remains with the might of a tyrannical government hunting them at every turn.



Also available through Amazon

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Hugberry Mullett is your typical politician - wretchedly incompetent, devious, conniving, unscrupulous, egotistical and completely detached from the harsh realities facing his electorate on a daily basis.

He's the sort of person that makes you want to puke when you meet him, or, in the case of a mystic gypsy he encounters at a fairground, curse with the most nightmarish hex she has in her armoury of despicable twisted hexes.

The curse plunges Hugberry into another dimension with nothing but a map and a raspberry blowing midget tracker for a guide.

To beat the curse Hugberry must overcome his character flaws and address his own fallibility. Self indulgent decisions have disastrous effects, positive ones take him forward. With each success or failure comes a new guise and a new challenge.

As he frantically searches for a way home, Hugberry finds himself overcome by megalomania, becomes incarcerated inside a violent penal institution, is charged with solving his own murder, fights to save a fantastical kingdom, ends up cooked on a spit by a paranoid cannibal and somehow survives a terrifying journey across storm lashed seas on a makeshift raft after escaping from the clutches of a deranged madman.

And he hasn't even met his maker yet.