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Kombucha Starter Kits

Kombucha Starter Kits

Kombucha is easy to make at home and adding Kombucha to your daily routine is fun and enjoyable.                  
       We sell a variety of things to help you brew Kombucha at home.
All of our Scoby's are 100% organic. They are not dehydrated and are packed on the day of your order to ensure they are the fresh and healthy.
Why is this important?
Every Happy Kombucha Scoby is grown in its own 2 litre glass jar until it is thick, creamy and ready to be harvested. They are then removed and taken to a "waiting jar" or Scoby hotel awaiting your order. Your scoby is picked, sealed and packed on the same day it is posted out to you. A happy Kombucha Scoby has not sat sealed in plastic before you get it. WE SEAL, PACK AND POST ON THE SAME DAY. This ensures that you recieve a fit, happy healthy scoby ready to brew.
Please note there is currently a wait for all orders containing Kombucha scobies, Due to the colder weather (makes the scobies grow slower) and the popularity of these cultures. The wait is approx 10 working working days but we will do everything we can to get orders dispatched as quickly as possible

Wondering what Kombucha is? read this.........

Want to learn how to make Kombucha? Full instructions are provided with every scoby or kit or you can read it here

What is a Kombucha Culture or scoby

While dehydrated scoby's might produce a safe batch of Kombucha they are VERY susceptible to mold. Kombucha is a living organism and does not react well to being dried out!!!.