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Amazing things to do with kefir

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Kefir is amazing but it is not just for those who can drink dairy. For those who wish to avoid dairy or for those who just fancy a change from dairy milk kefir coconut milk kefir is a great alternative to make or you can make Almond milk kefir you can also make fruit smoothies (dairy and dairy free). 

Coconut Milk kefir

There are several options for making coconut kefir, some contain minimal dairy so are not suitable for those looking to avoid dairy altogether and are not a vegan option but there is also a completely vegan friendly dairy free method. We have outlined them all below.


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How to make Almond Milk kefir

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Making Almond milk kefir is just as easy as making dairy milk kefir. Almond milk kefir is a minimal dairy option but it is not completely dairy free or vegan option.

When you are making Almond milk kefir there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind as there are a few major differences between homemade dairy milk kefir and homemade Almond milk kefir. The first is that almond milk kefir will not thicken like dairy milk kefir does. This is due to the different proteins an...

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