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If you have a question,need help brewing or would like to pay over the phone then give us a call

01323 730091 or 01323 410765  (Monday to Friday 10.00 am - 5.00 pm)


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The best way to contact us is to send us a message. we aim to answer all emails as quickly as possible (including weekends) and it can often be easier as we can send you and you can send us pictures or other reference Material.

The email address to contact us on is or

Our  Showroom and customer collection Address is:

HappyKombucha ltd

Unit 5
White Knight Business Park
Hammonds Drive
BN23 6FB


Our Cultures are all grown and tented to by hand. There is no kefir machine or automation of any kind – it’s just willing human hands and lots of love.

Because of the bespoke and exclusive nature of our products, there is frequently a queue for our products. Please do not place an order if you are not happy to wait.

Packing the cultures so that they arrive with you in tip top condition is a labour of love and is time consuming, however we want you to receive healthy happy cultures. This is why at times if dispatching on a certain day may be detrimental to the grains (due to the weather or public holidays etc) we may hold orders back. We pack all cultures on the day we actually send them so that they have as long as possible for you to receive them and to allow for some postal delays. 

The queue time is a rough outside estimate – we are working hard to get your order out to you as quickly as possible, and will ship your order sooner if we can. If you are going away, please let us know the dates so that we can avoid delivering your kefir while you are gone and if you have a limited time frame then please contact us and let us know, we can make no guarantee's but we do our best to meet all deadlines when we are informed of them.

 We aim to dispatch orders as speedily as possible however as the vast majority of our products are hand grown or hand made it is not simply a case of picking your order off a shelf and then putting it in a jiffy bag. All scobies and kefir are hand picked and packed with love and care and this can take time. The general turn around time for orders is 3-5 working days although if we can get your order to you faster then we will and some large orders that require a little more special attention may take a little more time to dispatch so please bear with us. I'm afraid we do not allow customers to have their goods sent/collected by their own choice of courier.

If you are waiting for your order and would like an approximate dispatch date then please feel free to give us a call or email us.

Please note that due to the time sensitive nature of kefir we do not dispatch kefir products over the weekend this is to prevent them sitting in a Royal Mail/Parcel Force office over the weekend. Kefir is therefore often only dispatched Monday to Thursday (depending on the weather). 

The Happy Kombucha Team

So you know who to talk to:

Michelle-    Deals with sales, website and is our resident Kefir Queen. If your need to know about your order status, are having a problem with the website or have Kefir related question then she is the lady to speak to,

Marcus-    Marcus is our Kombucha Guru, he is the man to talk to if your question is Kombucha related, Marcus is head brewer and also grows all of our grains and scobies. To contact marcus its

The packing team- If you were impressed with their use of bubble wrap or their general skill with a packing gun then please feel free to tell Michelle. The packing team don't have an email address (much to their disgust!) but they wanted a mention somewhere on the website.


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