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Milk kefir

The kefir grain is a remarkable pulse that is used across the world, even today, to create a wonderful and richly infused fermented milk drink when combined with inoculated sheep’s milk, goat’s milk, coconut milk or more predominantly today, the use of cow’s milk. The beneficial properties of kefir grains are well reported through history and today Happy Kombucha have the experience, the resources and the vast knowledge to advise, offer guidance and supply the best examples of this terrific and healthy supplement.

Milk kefir promotes healthy bowels, allowing your body to better manage waste. The human body is a finely balanced environment and certain changes or differentials can cause all manner of upsets, pains, aches and cause a low feeling for anyone susceptible to poor digestion, irritable bowel syndrome or any other intestinal upset or issue. As we all know and have understood for many years now, there are good and bad bacteria that live within us, allowing our bodies to operate correctly, process food and redistribute energy.

Across the world there are time honoured processes where the cultivation of certain ingredients, either to be mixed with liquids to create beverages or infused with other ingredients to create highly beneficial supplements that help control and reduce cholesterol levels, lessening the risk of a cardiovascular problem. In addition to a range of health benefits, milk kefir aides the function of the bowels, treats and prevents a number of UTI’s and bowel infections. Easy to produce at home; discover the immense benefits to this amazing product today with Happy Kombucha.