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Kombucha and health

 There have been many claims about the power to heal of Kombucha. It has been seen as a health tonic throughout history, Samuria Warriors were said to carry Kombucha into battle with them. Most of the claims in regard to Kombucha have not been proven as there simply has not been enough specific scientific research done into the healing capabilities of Kombucha.

Kombucha is surrounded in myths regarding its medical properties and there are those that attribute "miracles" to it. None of this is however proven and should therefore be taken as nothing more than heresay.
What can however be stated with full certainty is that Kombucha is a highly nutritional drink that is jammed full of health promoting properties.
Kombucha has holistic properties so rather than target specific problems or areas Kombucha works on the human body as a whole by balancing PH levels and restoring the bodies natural levels.

A small Warning:
  • It should be stated that you should consult your doctor before drinking Kombucha if you are receiving any kind of medication.
  • The vast majority of the sugar content of Kombucha is removed during the fermentation process however it is not recommended that you should drink Kombucha without consulting your GP if you are diabetic.
  • Although the alcohol content of Kombucha is minimal, you should not drink Kombucha if you have any allergies to Alcohol.


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