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About Us

Here at happykombucha we have been producing the finest quality Live cultures and starter kits for making your own fermented foods at home for over 10 years, we have used this experience to grow the happiest and largest Cultures.

About our Cultures

We offer a huge range of exclusive kits and soon to be Soil association Certified Certified Cultures.

All of our Cultures are grown by hand in the traditional manner. Each culture is individually grown and cared for until they are picked and packed and sent to you. We have a state of the art growing facility here at HappyHQ. We use ONLY organic certified ingredients and we are proud of the quality and size of our cultures. 

Our kits are designed to cater to all tastes, styles and abilities and they can be customised to suit your needs. 

Your safety 

We are regulated by Eastbourne borough council and are a fully compliant food registered company. We have regular inspections to ensure our food safety management systems meet and exceed the highest standards. This includes using UKAS certified labs to test our cultures to verify our safety and monitoring systems, ensure we meet all the regulations required and that our products are safe to consume. 

Please be aware that the vast majority of Culture sellers here in the UK (especially those on certain auction or third party seller sites) are not registered and inspected by their local authority. This is something that we feel passionately about due to the potential safety risks. For your own safety Please ensure that you always buy from a registered licensed seller.

Using our Cultures and kits

We work with many commercial enterprises so we can supply all the documentation you may need if you are using our cultures on a commercial basis and have a wealth of experience to help you in this process. We can also provide commercial quantities of our cultures.  We work closely with the soil association not only on our own certification but also helping others get certified for commercial products made with our cultures. We remember how daunting it felt when we first started fermenting so please do feel free to get in touch for any help or support you need.

Packaging and recycling

All our products are shipped in food safe Packaging These include a stated use by date and any related allergen advice. This is fully recyclable and we try to limit the use of plastic as much as we possibly can, especially when packing. We will recycle any plastic packing that is sent to us. We feel that it is best to ensure it is used as much as possible rather then send it to landfill. Whilst at present it is not possible for us to be a plastic free company please be assured that we are always looking to cut the amount of plastic we use and continually monitor this.

Service and support

All our cultures and kits come with full paper instructions and access to all our online help and information pages.

We offer a full guarantee with any of our cultures which means if they do not work, we will do everything to get them working (often all that is needed is a small teak to the brewing method) or we will replace them free of charge.

We are also here to help you every step of the way with your journey with fermented foods.  We pride ourselves in offering great customer support. We are available via telephone or email or you can pop in and see us if you wish.  

We are grow high quality cultures using high quality ingredients with care and love. We offer competitive prices on all our cultures and kits but we will not compromise on quality. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


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