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Ginger Beer starters and kits

Ginger is a powerful plant. The knobby root can be used in so many ways, from stir-fry to tea to kraut ingredient to kombucha or water kefir flavouring. Warm and spicy, lively and earthy, it's a versatile and adaptable culinary ally. It's also strong medicine, used for centuries as an immune booster and digestive aid. It's also delicious! It's hard to pin down just what my favourite way to use it might be. But, probiotic ginger beer might be the winner.


Ginger is covered with wild yeasts, much in the same way that grapes and apples are. For this reason, it is sometimes peeled before being put into kraut and other lactic ferments, so as not to contaminate the bacterial action with yeast. This same property can be used to our benefit, when we make a ginger Beer.