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Coconut Water Kefir

Did you know that you can make water kefir with Coconut water?

Coconut water kefir is the most amazing probiotic drink that you can easily make at home.... If you want to know how the recipe is below...



  • Simply place coconut water in your jar (if using fresh coconuts you will need the juice from around 3 coconuts or you can use the shop bought coconut water found in most supermarkets)
  • Add Your water grains to the jar (no extra sugar or fruit is needed)
  • cover the jar with a cloth secured with an elastic band
  • leave for 24 hours
  • sieve out the grains and pour your coconut water kefir into bottles and seal the lid.

If you want to you can now do a second ferment and add some more flavours (orange and ginger are very yummy) or you can just leave at room temp for 24 hours to increase the fizz or if you are not bothered about fizz simply chill and enjoy! 

The grains can then be used again in more coconut water or can be used in sugar water as normal.

Please note: Due to the varying sugar levels in the various brands of coconut water if you are going to use Coconut water on a regular basis we recommend, to ensure the health and vitality of the grains, that you do a sugar water brew (as per the standard instructions) every 3-5 brews to ensure that your grains are well "fed" and are getting enough sugar to thrive. 

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  • Marie on

    Hi we had a long chat today! Many thanks for that. I’ve decided that I want to try coconut water kefir so I am going to order a new pack of mixed grains today from you. How much coconut water do I need to add the grains to please? Plus am I supposed to sterilizing all my glass before I made all these brews or is washing sufficient as in the videos I am sure I saw that a jar was just reused without even being rinsed? Thanks once more

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