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We Now sell Ready Made Milk Kefir.

Want to give Kefir a try but not sure about making it yourself, why not try our Ready Made milk kefir.

Happykombucha ready made milk kefir

There is a huge difference between "real" kefir and mass produced commercial kefir. Commercially produced milk kefir found in supermarkets is a diluted version of the real thing, containing less bacteria and yeasts than milk kefir produced from grains and it is usually made with synthetic bacteria rather than Live natural bacteria.

Milk kefir is a live product this makes it very difficult to sell on a large commercial scalw,  Which is why what you buy in the supermarket etc simply isn’t the real thing.

Our Milk kefir is hand made using our wonderful grains and Locally produced grass fed Organic Milk (We never used mass produced Milk with our grains). We make our kefir in small batches and brew at a low temperature to produce a wonderful tasting drink.

Our milk kefir contains no additives, is certified organic, is GMO free and has no added sweeteners flavourings or additives. It is simple milk and live milk kefir cultures. The only thing we add is Love. 

Want to try some? Check out Our Ready Made Milk kefir

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