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Not All Butter is Created Equal: Store Bought vs. Homemade

Not All Butter is Created Equal: Store Bought vs. Homemade

With all of the health benefits of butter, why not run to the supermarket and gather up a box of wholesome sticks of the stuff right now? Not so fast. Unlike the real, raw, organic, deep yellow, grass-fed butter enjoyed traditionally, most commercial butter is mass-produced from pasteurized and homogenized milk. While still beneficial, such products are made from cow’s milk that has been harshly heated and pressure processed, depleting many of the wonderful enzymes and fracturing fragile nutrients. What’s more, these unstable products are often filled with rancid fats and oxidized cholesterol. It is possible to find organic, grass-fed butters in the store, but keep in mind that due to EU regulations, these are generally not raw. 

The very best thing you can do is to make your own butter from local raw cream. Making butter is easy and gratifying process that provides a valuable re connection to food in it’s most fundamental form, and nowadays you don't even need a big wooden churn or hours of your time to do it. If you can only find raw milk in your area, you can easily skim the cream from the top by pouring it off or using a turkey baster. Although not ideal, you can also make butter from pasteurized cream, however check to be sure that it is not ultra-pasteurized (as this will won't really work). If you take the time to culture or sour the cream prior to making butter, you will also benefit from the gut-balancing, healthy flora it has to offer.

We have a full range of butter making equipment if you feel inspired.


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