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 The bacteria and yeasts of Kombucha are healthful not just for humans, but for many other animals as well.  Depending on your dog’s (or cats) diet, your pet may be subsisting on processed food that may not digest well and can cause issues, just like processed food does to humans. This can lead to many ailments – halitosis, overweight, skin conditions and more.

Kombucha may help to restore balance to your pet’s digestive system. Especially after being administered anti-biotics, Kombucha can restore a healthy balance of flora to your pet’s gut.  But remember, they aren’t people and the dosage isn’t going to be the same.  For smaller pets, you will want to keep the portion size small (1-2 teaspoons), once a day

It is generally recommended that you give your four legged friend a dose of Kombucha every morning with their food to help improve their digestion.

I wouldn’t recommend Kombucha be poured over dry food or it will just clump up and your dog (or cat or bunny or horse…)  might not eat it.  Only wet food or a wet/dry mix.

As an alternative, for those who only serve dry food to their pets, you might try adding the Kombucha to their water dish, again 1-2 teaspoons for smaller animals, 1-2 ounces for larger ones, once a day.  Some animals sensitive to smell, might hesitate to drink that water at first.  Simply reduce the dosage until they are comfortable with the flavour, then gradually increase.

It has been claimed that Kombucha can help improve bowel movements, making them more consistent and much easier  to clean up.  It can help to improve the texture and shine of coats and can reduce fleas.


In fact, if your pet has any skin ailments or external evidence of fleas on your pets, you can use Kombucha in a spray bottle to apply directly to the affected area.  It should soothe some of the pain as well as drive away fleas as they do not like the pH levels of Kombucha.

Also, if your pets are dirty, grab that same spray bottle, fill it with a Kombucha/water mix (and a drop of tea tree oil if you want – but just 1 small drop! And do not use essential oils on cats EVER), get yourself an old towel and give them a few sprays.  Use the rag to wipe them clean and you will see the dirt come off very nicely.

Not only that, because Kombucha is anti-microbial, it prevents that “wet-dog” odour from taking hold, instead leaving your dog smelling fresh.  And just like human hair,  Kombucha will soften your pet’s fur whether you spray it on or feed it to them.

If you want to get really creative, some dogs enjoy a chewie treat made from a dehydrated SCOBY.  Simply dry out an old SCOBY that you were ready to retire anyway, then smear it in peanut butter or some other delicious substance and watch the dog go nuts on it.  The texture of the dried out culture is like pliable leather.  The probiotics work their balancing act.

I guess it should be no surprise that Kombucha can be a healthy addition to your pet’s life.  However, just like with humans, Kombucha is a detoxifier, so keep the servings very small, especially at first, and observe how your pet reacts to the Kombucha treatment.


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