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How to make rejuvelec

People keep asking me for a recipe for here it is... Enjoy... 

Rejuvelec is a fermented drink that is inexpensive and fun to make. It is very refreshing and full of wonderful nutrients for your body. It is a probiotic beverage and also contains healthy vitamins (B, K and E) as well as enzymes. It helps to promote a healthy intestinal environment making it great for your digestive system (It can also be used as a starter for raw nut cheese)

Looking for something new? Try rejuvelec!

To make Rejuvelec you will need:

1x Bean Sprouter

wheat seeds (rye, quinoa, buckwheat can also be used)

1x Glass jar (with cloth covering or vented lid)

1x sieve

The basics:

  1. Soak about 150g of your grains for 24 hours, drain and then rinse your grains (following your sprouters instructions) until little sprout tails have appeared.
  2. Add the sprouted grains to a glass jar and add about 1L of water. Cover and leave to sit for 2-3 days.
  3. You will notice that bubbles have started to form and the water has gone cloudy after the 2-3 days.
  4. Taste your rejuvelec.. It should taste fresh with a lemony citrus taste to it. Strain the grains from the liquid using a sieve and store your drink in a glass container in your fridge. Rejuvelec will usually stay fresh in a fridge for 7 days but always make sure that it tastes and smells fresh. If it does not then do not consume.
  5. The grains can then be used to make a second batch that will now ferment in 1 day. They should then be binned (or composted!)
I have tried this myself and i have to say that is an acquired taste! However it grows on you after a while so persevere.
For those that are looking to make a gluten free rejuvelec i believe that you can use other grains to make this drink however i believe that Rye, Wheat, Quinoa and Buckwheat taste the best!

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