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Kombucha Pickled Beetroot

We have just tried this here at Happy Kombucha and wow! 

this is best tried with really strong green tea kombucha, so if your ever wondering what to do with that bottle that you forgot about at the back of the cupboard give this a try.

How to make Kombucha Betroot.

  • Slice or grate your betroot into your jar.
  • Pour over some extra strong green tea kombucha, enough to cover all the betroot.
  • Seal the jar and leave in the fridge

if you leave it at room temperature first for a few days and then put it in the fridge you get a slight fizz to the betroot. It really is that easy and is yummy!!



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  • jane on

    Love dipping in to your blog !!
    Excuse my question about the beetroot kombucha but is this for freshly cooked beetroot??!! :-)

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