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Frequently Asked Questions-Part 1-


I have had my new grains for a couple of days now, i have just come to check on them after 36 hours and nothing seems to have changed, help? Have i done something wrong?


What you have described is normal for new grains as they need to settle into their new environment. Kefir grains are very sensitive to temperature and other atmospheric conditions and therefore it takes them a little while to re-adjust to their new surroundings (this is because they are live and natural). The grains generally settle after 3 or four brews but can take up to two weeks to settle completely. Whilst the grains are settling the kefir is fine to drink, the flavour and texture will improve as the grains settle. Once the grains have settled they will then start to grow and replicate, this can often seem a little dramatic at first as it can seem like the grains don't seem to be growing and then almost overnight you have double the amount you had, again this is just the natural way that the kefir grains grow.
While you are settling the grains it is best to leave the kefir for 48 hours rather than 12 (its good to give them a stir from time to time though to help the grains get easier access to the nutrients in the milk as this helps the grains) and after a couple of brews the kefir will start to thicken and sour much quicker, at this point you can start to reduce the brewing time if you wish. Reducing the amount of milk you use to brew with can also help to reduce the settling in period.

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