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How to use milk Kefir grains to make non dairy kefir

When making kefir with nut milks or coconut milk it is absolutely vital to understand that the grains do not get any nutrients from these milks and will perish If this is the only milk type you sit them in. when you first receive your grains you must sit them in full fat cows/goats milk for twenty four hours, sieve through, and then give them more full fat cows/goats milk. It is extremely advisable to do this at least three times. This not only helps the grains settle but also feeds them up. The milk grains eat the lactose in cows/goats milk to survive and thrive. This isn’t there for them in nut milks.

In order to keep your grains happy and healthy you must operate a rotation system once you have done your three full fat milk changes. Sit your grains in the nut milk for twenty four hours and sieve them through as the standard instructions advise. Then sit your grains back in full fat cows/goats milk for twenty four hours so they can feed. As long as you continue on with this rotation your grains will happily make your probiotic for you while staying happy and healthy too!

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