KefirKo Cheese making jar 848ml-Free shipping available-Happykombucha – Happy Kombucha
Kefirko Cheese making Jar (848ml) free shipping available- Happy Kombucha

Kefirko Cheese making Jar (848ml)


 Did you know that you can make cheese out of Milk kefir? Kefir Cheese contains all the pro-biotic micro-organisms that are in kefir.

The longer you leave your kefir to strain, drier and thicker it becomes:

  • Few hours for a thicker kefir that can be used for dips or sauces
  • Overnight for creamy cheese. 
  • 1-2 day to get semi-hard cheese.


Flavour your cheese by adding dry or fresh fruit, nuts, herbs or spices of your choice. Choose your ingredients and prepare fresh cheese the way you like it.

Kefirko Cheese Maker design allows you to make various types of delicious Cheeses and cheese dishes!

Books of recipes included in Kefirko Cheese Maker!

As a side product of cheese making, there is whey, which is a big source of proteins. Helps regenerate muscles and boost your immunity. You can use the whey you have strained in other recipes.

Alternative Use:

There are always alternatives on how to use Kefirko Cheese Maker. With some creativity you can easily make fresh ice tea , ice coffee or almond milk. 

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