Organic Certified Premium Live Milk Kefir Grains freeshipping - Happy Kombucha
Organic Certified Premium Live Milk Kefir Grains freeshipping - Happy Kombucha

Organic Certified Premium Live Milk Kefir Grains


These grains are suitable for any dairy (goats, milk, sheeps milk, cows milk, buffalo milk or camel milk) and a wide variety of nut milks (almond, coconut, soya etc)  and non-dairy milks.
All of Our Milk kefir Cultures are:  
  • Grown in Soil association Certified Organic Milk, which is GMO free.
  • Our Milk comes from Hook and Son Dairy who are renowned for the quality of their Milk.
  • Milk is produced by pedigree grass fed Holstein Friesian cows.
  • We take animal welfare seriously and so do the dairy we use.
  • UKAS Lab tested 
  • We guarantee that your culture will work
  • Lifetime supply of Culture- If you take care of your grains you will never need to purchase them again.
  • We are a food registered company 
  • All of our food handlers hold at least level 2 food hygiene certificates
  • We have a full food safety programme in place (Haccp plan)
  • Daily Ph tests are carried out on our cultures
  • All live cultures are ready to to ferment as soon as they arrive
  • All cultures are picked and packed to order daily
  • All packaging is food grade and heat sealed 
  • Full paper instructions are provided with every culture (not just online) but we also provide access to our online instructions and tutorial videos
  • Full customer support- We are here to help and for as long as you need us. When you buy one of our cultures one of our Culture experts is available to via email or telephone or in person to help you with your brew. You can come back to us at any point for help. We will do everything we can to help you happily make wonderful milk kefir.
Kefir Yogurt is a live yogurt drink that is made with Milk Kefir grains. Kefir yogurt contains far more bacteria and yeast than any other live yogurt you can buy and its simple and easy to make at home.  Home made kefir generally contains vastly more natural bacteria than commercially produced kefir.

Kefir is a living culture, a complex symbiosis of microflora that naturally form grains or cauliflower-like structures (sometimes called plants) in the milk. So far more than 50 strains of bacteria and yeasts have been found in milk kefir worlwide. European kefir typically contains over 20 different bacterial strains.  As the culture ferments the milk these structures grow, creating new grains in the process. Real kefir from live culture is an endlessly self-propagating process


Our wonderful Milk kefir


 You will receive a sachet of grains in liquid (to keep them safe on their journey to you) This liquid is provided to keep the grains alive and healthy on their journey to you. 10g of grains will brew you 500ml every 24-48 hours and you can brew more once they grow.

Once received all Live kefir grains require settling as they adjust to there new environment (they are very temperature sensitive) this takes between 3-5 brews. Once settled they will make yummy kefir everyday. The grains grow VERY quickly so you can quickly increase the volume you brew if desired as your grains naturally grow and replicate themselves, although it may not seem like you get much the grains pack a powerful punch and having too many grains when you start brewing is not helpful. You will receive access to our online resources including instructions, videos and our blog with helpful hints and tips and full email support. We do not just send you the grains and leave you to get on with it, we are here to help you begin your brewing journey. 

If you are looking to order grains and have them sent internationally then please order dehydrated grains.

Our grains are guaranteed to work so if you have any problems or issues just get in touch (pop the grains in some milk in the fridge covered in some cling film in the mean time, please do not throw them away). 

Want to know more about our milk kefir grains? Click here.....



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