Kefirko kefir jar large (1400mll) free shipping - Happy Kombucha
Kefirko kefir jar Large (1400mll) free shipping available- happy kombucha

Kefirko kefir jar large size (1400ml)


Kefirko kefir jars Large Size (1400ml) now in stock.


These jars can be used for milk or water kefir, and Ginger beer and tumeric Bugs. They come in a range of colours. The integrated lid makes straining easy and each jar comes with a recipe book. Suitable for open or closed brewing. 

The kefirKo jar is Easy to clean and is made from glass and BPA free plastic and is dishwasher safe.

The handy kefirKo jar can also be used as a sprouter to sprout in.

This jar does not include live cultures. 



KEFIRKO - THE WORLD'S EASIEST HOME KEFIR MAKING SYSTEM- Includeslarge 1,4 l/50 oz jar,concave glass jar, strainer lid, secure cover lid, citrus juicer attachment, swizzle stick, NEW scraper tool, user guide and recipe booklet.



TOP LID The top lid of the KEFIRKO jar enables the airflow needed in kefir-making, and helps to prevent impurities from entering the jar. A measuring cup for the kefir grains is integrated in the top lid. The top lid can also be used as a coaster to keep your kitchen tidy.


STRAINER LID Integrated in the strainer lid is a sieve designed with having in mind the thickness of kefir and the size of grains. The sieve has two pouring areas: one for milk kefir (larger strainer slots) and another for water kefir (smaller strainer slots). This makes the separation of the grains from the kefir very simple – by just pouring the kefir out. Pouring of the kefir into a glass is made easier thanks to a special shape of the outer rim.


GLASS JAR The concave form of the glass jar provides for comfortable handling. The tactile markings on the outside of the jar indicate the levels for the preparation of kefir for one or two servings (two servings: 0.6 L / 20 oz.).


SQUEEZER & SWIZZLE STICK The squeezer included enables you to squeeze juice directly into your water kefir. The Swizzle Stick will come in handy for adding the grains and stirring the kefir.


SCRAPER TOOL This amazing new piece of kit plugs into your sieve and not only stops your precious kefir grains from escaping when pouring, but is invaluable at moving the grains from the sieve if you have thick kefir and slow slow through the sieve. Like a windscreen-wiper for your sieve!


Product Dimensions:

1.4litre: 11 diameter, 26 height


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