Ginger Beer plant/paste (probiotic) freeshipping - Happy Kombucha
Ginger Beer plant/paste (probiotic) freeshipping - Happy Kombucha

Ginger Beer plant/paste (probiotic)


 Ginger Beer Plant (probiotic )

 you will receive enough paste/plant to make litres of Ginger Beer this culture should multiply over a short  time and will last forever you will also receive full instructions.
Please note, ginger beer plant  is not a real plant, but a Probiotic live culture it can be used in cooking and making fiery fizzy ginger beer or ginger wine this is perfect for adults and kids alike. will last for ever if even slightly cared for  and double every time it is used  so then it can be shared with fiends or family or you can make more ginger beer you will also receive full instructions.The culture can be deyhdrated for long term storage and looks and behaves very similarly to water kefir.
with the addition of  Sugar, Ginger powder (or fresh ginger )and water you can make good old fashioned fermented ginger beer at home.
Ginger beer plants are perfect for keeping the kids entertained as not only will they love making it but they will also love "feeding" and caring for the culture.
This style of culture will not grow grains but remains as a paste, if you are looking for grains please select ginger water crystals.




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