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Nettle&Shea Butter Soap

Nettle&Shea Butter Soap


Here at Happy Kombucha each and every bar of Soap that we sell has lovingly been made by hand, using techniques that have been handed down for generations. 

To make a great soap, experience has taught us that only the finest ingredient can be used and that is what you will find in every bar of Happy Kombucha Soap. Lashings of Butters, quality extra virgin olive oil and only 100% pure essential oil, herbs and spices go into our soaps to produce a luxury soap that is kind on your skin and always a pleasure to use.

 This is 100% Natural Hand made Nettle tea and Shea nut butter soap. This hand made soap is made using the cold pressed method and is made using Extra Virgin oil and lashings of Shea nut butter for added moisture. No other butters or oils are added to it. This makes it incredibly mild  and moisturising on the skin and amazing for those with dry skin conditions. Dried nettles are soaked and then the infused water is added to the soap. The rehydrated nettle is then added to the soap to act as a mild exfolient. This 100% natural Soap is hand made by Happy Kombucha and contains only the finest extra virgin olive oil and Shea nut butter to ensure a quality bar of mild and gentle soap

The benefits of Nettles:

-Nettles can help relieve arthritis and rheumatism. The ancient Romans flogged people with nettles in order to relieve chronic rheumatism and the greeks added nettles to vitually all their medicines.

-Nettles are a very nifty anti-inflammatory and can be exceptionally helpful with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis due to its rich content of histamine, chlorophyl, acetylcholine and iron.

-benefits also include, anti-parastic, natural antiseptic, nettles can help regulate body temperature, they can help against celluloid and wrinkles, broken nails. Nettles are also known to stimulate hair growth.

The benefits of Shea nut Butter:

Shea Butter is one of natures best natural moisturisers.
When applied to the skin it literally melts in and adds all of its yummy natural goodness.
Shea butter is extracted from the nut of the African Karite tree. It naturally contains high levels of fatty acids and natural anti-oxidants. This makes Shea Butter a wonderful moisturiser as well as an amazing cellular restorer.
We are committed to using the highest quality, naturally extracted Shea butter available.
All the ingredients added to our Shea Butter are 100% natural. We do not use synthetic fragrances or colours only essentail oils.

Benefits of Shea Butter

-Shea Butter is proven to be successful in the treatment of Psoriasis, eczema and various other skin ailments.
-Shea Butter helps to heal cuts and burns without scarring.
-Shea Butter can help to stop stretch marks
-Shea Butter can help to reduce razor bumps and rashes
-Shea Butter is an amazing natural moisturiser. It works wonders on dry,cracking skin.

Prolong the life of your soap.

Leaving your soap in a pool of water will cause the skin loving glycerine in the soap to go soft. Get the most from your handmade soap with our natural Soap dishes designed to drain water off your soap to help to keep your soap firm and fresh.
Each 100 % natural, hand made bar of soap is approx. 120g

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