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Dehydrated Kombucha Scoby

Dehydrated Kombucha Scoby


Kombucha brewing kits are perfect gifts for Christmas.

This kit is designed to be given as a gift (or if you are not planning on starting your brew for some time) and includes a DEHYDRATED mother scoby rather than a live fresh scoby. We dehydrate our scobies in house to ensure that they are dehydrated carefully and retain all their bacteria. The scoby will need to be activated BEFORE you can begin brewing but the kit is perfect to give as a gift as it requires no special storage before use and the Scoby can survive for up to 12 months. 

If you are looking for kits with a Live fresh scoby then please click here  

Kit Includes:

  • Dehydrated Kombucha Mother scoby  
  • Full brewing instructions plus access to our online support and our FREE app

What else is needed:

The kit includes the scoby that is needed to brew, You will also need some additional equipment. You will need a kettle (or pan to boil the water), Tea and sugar (any good Green, blue, black or white tea can be used, see our tea guide for further information and cane sugar works best for kombucha), Glass jar to brew in (needs to be at least 1.5L) Vinegar, We recommend distilled white vinegar as the most reliable vinegar to use for making the activation batch of kombucha. Avoid apple cider vinegar or other types of vinegar, which may not be acidic enough to protect your SCOBY during rehydration, large pan or container to brew the sweet tea in, bottles to store the finnished kombucha in, our storage guide is handy read. These scobies will brew up to 1L initially and then more once activated.

We provide full easy to follow instructions on both how to activate the scoby and how to brew kombucha once the scoby is activated.

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