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Home made V's Shop Bought Kefir

Home made V's shop bought kefir

There are so many different types of milk kefir products available now it can be difficult to choose which kefir is right for you. 

Many people do not know that there are huge differences in the different types of kefir available but if you are taking kefir to help to improve your day to day lifestyle choosing the right type for you is crucial. 


So what are the different types and why are they different?

Powdered Cultures
This type mass produced Kefir is made using a freeze dried powder culture which is made in a laboratory, or using Kefir milk made from grains which has been diluted and freeze dried. It is generally sold mostly in supermarkets etc due to its long shelf life and is usually the cheapest kind of kefir you can buy. 
The amount of live and active bacteria in Kefir made from powdered cultures is very similar to that of Yogurt (approximately 1 Billion per 100ml) which is much lower than home made milk kefir. 

Scientific research has shown that active bacteria in powdered or capsule form do not survive beyond the stomach, therefore this type of kefir is unable to reach the areas needed for improving your body and day to day life. 

Live Cultures

Our Kefir grains contain up to 100 Billion live bacteria per 100ml which is significantly more than the 1 Billion per 100ml that powdered/shop bought kefir Kefir can contain.

Due to the vast amount of live bacteria Kefir made using our live Kefir grains contains, it also makes the Kefir more acidic, this high acidity allows Kefir made with our grains to survive the stomach and reach the target area which is the large intestine. It also keeps the kefir safe while brewing. 

Here at Happykombucha we are proud to offer premium Quality Kefir grains which will produce a drink that tastes amazing and is quick easy and cost effective to make. Our grains are extremely hardy and versatile and can be used with Pasteurised and raw milk and can be used in everything from cows milk, goats milk, sheeps milk, camel milk buffalo milk, almond milk, coconut milk and a number of other dairy free alternatives.


 All our Kefir grains are grown using traditional methods. These 'grains' or SCOBY'S (Symbiotic Cultures of Bacteria and Yeasts are clusters of different bacteria and yeast species which are impossible to manufacturer in a laboratory, they are naturally occurring, unique crucially alive so can be used indefinitely as they grow and multiply after each batch of Kefir you make. They are unique in appearance and texture looking like a cross between rice pudding and cottage cheese or cauliflower with a rubbery texture, due to their live nature they come in all manner of shapes and sizes

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