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our fabulous new website

our fabulous new website

hello.... Well Kombucha and Kefir i know heaps about but blogging zilch so please bear with me while i get the hang of this blogging thing. I wanted to start this blog to let everyone know that we have just launched our new website and to share our knowledge of Kombucha and kefir. I am hoping that people will be able to read my blogs and it may help make the daunting process of your first brew a little easier (well that's the plan anyway!) so it seems only fitting to start by talking about Kombucha. Kombucha is our passion here at happy kombucha. My first Blog is a top five things to help you succeed when you start brewing Kombucha.

  1. Wash everything, make sure that everything you use in the brewing of your kombucha is super clean, i always wash twice, just in case. You can clean your brewing equipment with a mild detergent (make sure you rinse and then rinse again) or alcohol. I would recommend a mild detergent.
  2. Get everything out in front of you before you start. weigh out your ingredients etc. Get your instructions ready etc. etc.
  3. Keep it simple and follow the recipe! This might sound stupid but most people who run into trouble on their first brew do so because they have tried to do too much too soon. You can advance to adding juices to your second ferment soon but walk before you run!
  4. Don't try to skimp on the sugar. Sugar is an one of the primary ingredients in Kombucha. You cannot ferment without sugar! it is that simple!  No you cannot use sweeteners and i wouldn't recommend using syrups, molasses or honey until you are an experienced brewer.
  5. BE PATIENT! again another obvious one but your kombucha will not really do anything dramatic. Sometimes it froths but not always, other than that it will just sit there quietly making yummy Kombucha. When it comes time to test your Kombucha do so with a straw as it will disturb your brew the least (make sure its clean!). If its not ready yet leave it and try again tomorrow. It really is worth the wait.

I hope that all helps... If you need anymore questions then get in touch via the website.....

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