Viili starter Kit freeshipping - Happy Kombucha
Viili starter Kit freeshipping - Happy Kombucha

Viili starter Kit


This kit includes everything you need to make your own viili Yogurt at home, just add Milk

Kit includes

1XViili Sachet of Viili Starter

1X1L screw lid glass jar

1x spatula

Make yogurt with our Viili yogurt starter. Viili contains live active bacteria and cultures at room temperature. Culture viili yogurt right on the counter top or bench: no yogurt maker required! Just like kefir this is possibly one of the easiest yogurts to make at home. One Sachet of viili can be used to make unlimited amounts of homemade yogurt as it can be serial cultured by reserving a small amount from the current batch to inoculate the next batch. With care, this viili yogurt culture can be used to make homemade yogurt indefinitely. No more having to continually buy yogurt starter: save money making yogurt at home!

  • Mild taste
  • Moderately thick yogurt
  • Cultures at 70° to 78°F; no yogurt maker required
  • Reusable culture; with care a little from each batch can be used to make the next batch 

    Viili Yogurt Starter: Originating in Finland, it is also known as viila and is similar to other yogurts such as pitkapiimä, viilipiimä, langil, taette, tatmjölk, langmjölk and skyr. Perfect for use in parfaits or in place of sour cream in recipes. Of all our room-temperature (mesophilic) yogurt cultures, viili has the thickest consistency (viscous, almost jelly-like) and the mildest taste, making it our most popular yogurt culture particularly among customers switching their family off commercial yogurt. Please note: this is a non-ropey variety of viili. Our viili yogurt does not have a ropey texture but rather a more gelatinous, jelly-like texture.

    Please note: This culture needs to be started immediatley upon arrival. If you are buying this as a gift or you do not intend to start it immedialtley then order the dehydrated starter or if  this is an international order (including EU orders).

    How to Make Viili Yogurt: As a mesophilic culture, this viili yogurt cultures at room temperature. To make a batch of homemade yogurt, the viili starter is simply added to milk, stirred, and then allowed to culture on the counter before being placed in the refrigerator. A small amount of the current batch of homemade yogurt is then used to make the next batch and so on.

    Please note that this is a live yogurt culture and therefore needs to be used as soon as you receive it.

    Instructions for making viili yogurt can be found here and will be included with your order.

    Produced or packaged in a facility that also manufactures products made with wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, and fish.


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