Signature Clip Top Jar 1 Litre freeshipping - Happy Kombucha
Signature Clip Top Jar 1 Litre freeshipping - Happy Kombucha

Signature Clip Top Jar 1 Litre


The Kilner® Signature Collection is an elegant range of jars expertly produced for high performance pickling, preserving, canning, food storage and crafting.
Each jar is beautifully designed and features clear, high quality glass with a heavy base, special edition grey rubber seal and an iconic stainless steel clip, all of which make the Signature Collection exceptionally durable and perfect for any home interior, making it a jar for life.


The Kilner Brand

Kilner have been producing glass jars for nearly 200 years and the iconic clip top jar is world renowned. Customers can also now buy all the accessories needed to label and decorate their preserve jars, in addition to a vast collection of different shapes and sizes of jar.

A Kilner jar is no longer a practical accessory to store away in a cupboard or pantry. Kilner has gained a name as a designer brand, due to their reputation for being both stylish and functional. The metal clip tops and orange rubber seals are easily recognisable, giving off a country kitchen “homemade” rustic vibe.

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