Round Proving Basket freeshipping - Happy Kombucha
Round Proving Basket freeshipping - Happy Kombucha

Round Proving Basket




Round Bread Rattan Basket 

Made of high quality material, durable and practical to use

Specially for European style bread fermentation and molding, product surface will have beautiful geometric figures, concise and lively

A proofing basket lends support and shape to the dough during proofing, baskets made from wood fiber with a spiral pattern leave behind a beautiful spiral shape as a print on the crust, a popular characteristic of rustic, hand-made loaves. Cane baskets also absorb a small amount of moisture during proofing so that the outside of the dough is less sticky. This very thin, slightly drier layer ensures that you can also cut the dough a bit easier (‘scoring’) and that the bread can open nicely during baking.





*Material: Natural Rattan

*Shape: Round (18x8cm) will hold a standard 300-400g loaf

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