Medium Kombucha Continuous Brewing Kit freeshipping - Happy Kombucha
Medium Kombucha Continuous Brewing Kit freeshipping - Happy Kombucha

Medium Kombucha Continuous Brewing Kit

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This medium kit is perfect to keep at home as the 10 Litre Brewing vessel is large enough to keep you in plenty of Kombucha but is small enough to fit around your home.This kit is designed for couples or small families. It is fitted with an easy pour plastic tap and is made from BPA free foodgrade plastic.This kit includes everything that you need to start brewing Kombucha continuously all you need to add are sugar and tea. If you would like to purchase these from us Click here. Kombucha is best made at home and is fun and easy to make. Full instructions on how to brew with the continuous brew method are included and we offer a full support package with every order. If you need any help at all then simply email us or give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Benefits of Continuous Brewing.

• Less overall work to produce more Kombucha
• More consistent supply of kombucha (a few bottles every day or every few days rather than having a large batch all at once).
• A broader array of bacteria and other beneficial compounds in the final product.

Continuous brewing is a traditional method of making kombucha. Thus, in traditional brewing, the culture is fermenting continuously, without interruption, at all times—a constant mixture of predominately older and some younger liquid.

The benefits of continuous brewing are both practical and nutritional. They include:

Less risk of mold and other contamination in kombucha batches, as once established, the liquid maintains a far more acidic environment, more hostile to outside invaders because of smaller amounts of free sugar and a greater population of good bacteria and yeast.

Continuous Brewing for Kombucha is by far the easiest way to keep a constant supply of Kombucha at home with minimal Fuss. 


 This kit includes

  • 1 x 10 ltr Brewing container with tap 
  • Large piece of cloth to cover your container
  • two large oganic scobies to start your brew with
  • full instructions on how to brew using the continuous brew method.
  • **Heater tray suitable for 5-10 Litre Brewing container (optional)

Standard continuous kit with heat mat. 

The optimum brew temperature for brewing kombucha is around 70F. This kit includes all of the above but it also has the option includes a heat mat big enough to hold a 5 ltr vessel, ideal if your home is not that warm and for winter brewing.
the heater is low watt/economical (cheaper than turning the heating up for your Kombucha!)
controlled heat with a thermally insulated base
safe for glass or plastic
heater on/off light




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