Kilner Round 3 Litre Clip Top Jar freeshipping - Happy Kombucha
Kilner Round 3 Litre Clip Top Jar freeshipping - Happy Kombucha

Kilner Round 3 Litre Clip Top Jar

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    This Kilner Round 3 Litre Clip Top Jar is a modern version of the iconic clip top design, first invented by John Kilner & Co in the 1840’s. The design has stood the test of time for over 150 years and the modern version is barely different from the iconic original. Maintaining its unique vacuum feature, the rubber sealed clip top glass lid ensures the contents are kept fresh.

    Today, there are a variety of shapes and sizes of the original clip top jar and the Kilner Round 3 Litre Clip Top Jar is perfect for storing dried food products, such as rice or pasta. Traditional looking with an orange seal and the “Kilner” logo embossed on the front of the glass, these jars would complement a farmhouse or country style kitchen.

    Crafty people may also want to use Kilner jars to make home made gifts. Fill. with sweets, cake mix, cookies or even turn into a candle for a heartfelt gift. They are also perfect for fermenting and preserving. 

    The Kilner Round 3 Litre Clip Top Jar is dishwasher safe. Do not pour boiling water into the jar, or it may crack.

    Kilner 5 Point Quality Assurance System

    1. Stainless steel clip won’t rust or tarnish.

    2. Gauge of steel carefully manufactured to create perfect tension for gripping the lid and body together. Holds that balance of tension even after many years of use.

    3. Lid and body created automatically so every piece is manufactured to a minimum tolerance. As a result, the lid and body fit perfectly every time creating the perfect seal for food preserving.

    4. Kilners 3 QC checking and batch production system where each product run is checked for imperfections and potential issues.

    5. Kilner consumers have a dedicated customer service department to answer questions, queries and help for preserving, pickling and jamming.

    The Kilner Brand

    Kilner have been producing glass jars for nearly 200 years and the iconic clip top jar is world renowned. Customers can also now buy all the accessories needed to label and decorate their preserve jars, in addition to a vast collection of different shapes and sizes of jar.

    A Kilner jar is no longer a practical accessory to store away in a cupboard or pantry. It has gained a name as a designer accessory, due to its reputation for being both stylish and functional. The metal clip tops and orange rubber seals are easily recognisable, giving off a country kitchen “homemade” rustic vibe.



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