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Kilner butter making kit

Kilner butter making kit

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With the time spent lovingly making homemade butter, you’re going to want to show it off! Let your butter take pride of place on the kitchen table in this beautiful glass Kilner butter dish.

The classic Kilner glass butter dish is embossed with the Kilner logo. Perfect for storing butter in the fridge or serving it at the dining table, the elegant design complete with lid will keep your butter fresh. Fits up to 250g of butter.

The Kilner Butter Churner is a new and unique item in the popular Kilner collection. Offering an easy way of making your own fresh butter, simply add your whipping cream and turn the handle. In around 10 minutes you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have churned your way to a delicious buttery spread!

This kit includes

  • Kilner Butter Churner
  • Kilner Butter Paddles
  • Kilner Butter Dish


The Kilner Butter Churner is an attractive product, with all of the hallmarks that make Kilner special. As well as providing you with your personally churned butter, it will look great as a feature on your kitchen worktop, becoming a talking point with visitors and impressing them with your homemade butter!

The stylish and practical Kilner butter paddles are an essential piece of equipment for any home butter enthusiast. The deep grooves perfect for removing excess buttermilk. Also perfect for moulding and shaping homemade butter.

A pair of Kilner Butter Paddles are an essential item for anyone churning their own butter! Use them to add the finishing touches to your butter, by moulding them into a neat block or even decorative shapes!

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