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Kefirko sprouting jars-Happykombucha

Kefirco Sprouting jar (848ml)



We are now stockists of Kefirko kefir jars. 

Fresh sprouts are basically very young plants that grow from seeds if you expose them to the right temperature and moisture. They are packed with nutrition and are commonly used in meals because of that.

Germinating or sprouting is the process, where sprouts are starting to grow into small shoots. Depending on the type of seed, we have many different sprouts available. They are used as addition to salads, sandwiches or snacks. You can choose different color, size and flavour of the sprouts.


How to sprout with a KefirKo Jar

1. Put 2 tbsp of seeds of your choice in the bottom of the jar and cover with water to soak for 12 hrs.

2. After 12 hrs rinse the sprouts with fresh water (not too cold) and drain the water through the strainer lid.

3. Screw on the top lid, but not too tight – to allow air circulation. Turn Kefirko upside down.

4. Rinse the sprouts every 24 hrs, and in 4–6 days they will be ready for use, packed with vitamins and nutrients: they make a delicious meal on their own, but can also be added to salads and other dishes.



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