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Heat Belt for Kombucha/fermenting

Heat Belt for Kombucha/fermenting



The Heat Belt can be used to aid in Kombucha Brewing

The optimum brew temperature for brewing kombucha is around 70F. This heat belt is ideal if your home is not that warm and for winter brewing. The heat belt takes up less space than a heat tray and is perfect if you do not have much room to brew in. It can be wrapped around multiple jars so you only need one belt for two jars.
the heater is low watt/economical (cheaper than turning the heating up for your Kombucha!)

One of the main benefits of using a Heat Belt is the reduced time it takes to complete the brewing process of your Kombucha

The heat can be regulated by moving the Brew Belt higher or lower on the vessel.

Full instructions are included and each Brew Belt is individually gift packaged.

Please read and follow the instructions with the Brew Belt. Regular checks should always be made to ensure that the correct temperature is being maintained

About the Brew Belt

Suitable for heating 1 gallon demijohns to 25 litre fermenters. You can adjust the size by either the toggle or by the Velcro lining.
Easy to use-The heat can be regulated by moving the Brew Belt higher or lower on the vessel although we would recommend using a stick on thermometer or similar with this product to make monitoring the temperature easier.
Suitable for Kombucha or all Beer and Wine making
Complete with fitted mains plug
Full Instructions Enclosed
Double Insulated
25 Watts / AC 230v / 50Hz
Made in England

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