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Floradix Sage Organic Herbal Tea
15 Bag(s)  - 15 Servings

Floradix Sage Organic Herbal Tea


15 Bag(s)  - 15 Servings

Floradix Tea, the finest quality, hand sorted herb teas available. Sage tea contains essential oils, tannin and bitters. There  many beneficial effects reported in relation to Sage tea however we are not allowed to tell you about them as they do not appear on a list in Brusssels. Please google it to find out more. Apologies for this.

The herbs used in the manufacture of the Floradix tea range are subjected to stringent and comprehensive scientific testing, using the latest techniques and laboratory equipment. Having passed all the necessary tests, the herbs are then hygienically filled into unbleached filter bags which are free from all chemical additives. Numerous quality control procedures and comprehensive documentation at all stages of production ensure the highest standards are reached, so that you can enjoy your tea to the fullest. 


Pour fresh boiling water over bag. Brew for 5 to 10 minutes. Removal of the bag is not necessary. Sweeten to taste if desired.

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