Nutritional info – Happy Kombucha

Nutritional info

At Love Kombucha we believe in the saying of "Drink Healthy, Feel Healthy"....All of our four flavours have between 3.4 and 4 g of sugar per 100ml...each batch fluctuates between this range as it is a living culture.

Love Kombucha is Vegan, Gluten and Dairy Free made from raw organic ingredients.

Orange juice is a favourite of most at breakfast, on average it has 11g of sugar per 100ml.

So you can make an informed choice, here is the sugar content (per 100ml) of some of the most popular soft drinks:

Red bull 11g, Pepsi 10.6g, Coke 10.6g, 7up 10.6g, Vimto 9.1g.  The statistics are taken from:

So when we say "Drink Healthy, Feel Healthy" we really mean it.