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Milk kefir Instructions and FAQ

Kefir milk drink is probably the most powerful, natural probiotic available. Milk kefir Kefir is a live yogurt drink that is made with Milk Kefir grains. Kefir yogurt contains far more bacteria and yeast than any other live yogurt you can buy and its simple and easy to make at home.  Home made kefir generally contains vastly more natural bacteria than commercially produced kefir.

Kefir is a living culture, a complex symbiosis of microflora that naturally form grains or cauliflower-like structures (sometimes called plants) in the milk. So far more than 50 strains of bacteria and yeasts have been found in milk kefir worlwide. European kefir typically contains over 20 different bacterial strains.  As the culture ferments the milk these structures grow, creating new grains in the process. Real kefir from live culture is an endlessly self-propagating process


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