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Large Basic Kombucha Starter Kit

Large Basic Kombucha Starter Kit


Our Large Kombucha starter kit allows you to brew up to 4 litres of kombucha at a time (in two seperate jars) so is perfect for those looking to brew Kombucha for their family or friends. This kit allows you to keep a ready supply of Kombucha going so you should never run out.

The kit includes everything you need to start making Kombucha at home.

2x 2L Glass brewing Jar
2X large Organic Scoby
2x Piece of tight weave cloth to cover your brew with.
2x Pack of tea
2x Bag of Organic Natural unrefined cane sugar.
2x Full Brewing Instructions

1xHeat tray*

*(optional)The optimum brew temperature for brewing kombucha is around 70F. Designed to fit 2x 2L Glass Jar or 5 litre fermenting vessel. This heat tray is Thermostatically controlled to maintain a liquid temperature approximately 9 deg C above ambient room temperature, giving a fermenting temperature of 22-29 deg C in most domestic environments.

Low Wattage/Economical (cheaper than turning the heating up!!)
Controlled Heat
Thermally Insulated Base
Safe for Glass or Plastic Containers
Easy to clean
Heater On/Off Light

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