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 The big

The big barn is the amazon of local food. buy local food buy seasonal food farm shops sustainable food organic food. 

Hook and Son 

Farm fresh raw organic milk, un-pasteurised, un-homogenised natural clean milk with friendly bacteria. We deliver in our local area or you can buy whole milk, skimmed or butter online. When our milk turns you can make yoghurt or cheese, when other milk turns it is rancid and must be thrown away!

Body building supplements

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Celle Skin Care make some Celle skin care creams such as Resveratrol skin cream, Anti-aging skin cream, Stem cell skin cream, Stem cell skin cream, Night rejuvenation cream grown human stem cells and maintains life of skin.

Jarrow resveratrol

Resveratrol  Health information  from Biotivia in many  Resveratrol Forte, Enzymatic Therapy,Trans & Jarrow Resveratrol and more. at affordable prices.

Botanical raw materials

Biotivia Labs offers high quality resveratrol analogs, botanical raw materials and functional food raw materials. Biotivia Labs is the research arm of Biotivia. 

Internal medicine emr
Benchmark Systems offers internal medicine EMR, family practice EMR, cardiology EMR and more. Get family practice and medicine, cardiology EMR at reasonable prices.