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Dehydrated Kefir Kits

Dehydrated Kefir Kits


Please note as these are live cultures there can at times of high demand be a small wait for orders.
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This kit is designed to be given as a gift or stored before use therefore it contains dehydrated Kefir grains so there is no storage issue or immediate hurry to start brewing.


This kit comes in Three forms

The COMPLETE kefir kit

This kit contains everything that a kefir beginner needs to brew kefir at home:

2 x Glass Swing Lid 500 ml Bottles (to safely store your kefir once brewed)

1x 1L glass brewing jar.

1x Plastic jug (to store your grains in whilst you wash your jar between brews)

1xPlastic Sieve (to sieve your Kefir)

1xSachet of Dehydrated Kefir grains (either milk or water or if you select a mixed kit you get both*)

*the mixed kit contains 2X 1L brewing jar, 4XGlass swing lid bottles, 2xSieves, 2xJugs and one of each dehydrated kefir grains.

The BASIC Kefir kit
This kit contains the basic equipment needed to brew kefir at home:

1x 1l glass brewing jar for Kefir 
1xPlastic Sieve (to sieve your Kefir)
1xSachet of Dehydrated Kefir grains (either milk or water)
The mixed kit contains 2xGlass brewing jar, 2xsieve and one of each dehydrated kefir grains

Kefir is a nutrition that helps to restore your inner ecosystem. Through the symbiotic ingredients (such as Saccharomyces, Kefir and Turola Kefir) and positive bacteria Kefir acts like a natural antibiotic.

What better gift for a loved one this Christmas!

Using Kefir on a regular basis supports the balance of your intestinal flora. It improves your resistance towards disease and supports healthy bowel movements.

The bowels are dependent on the bacteria in our bodies. These bacteria need to be well balanced to have all body parts function properly, such as intestinal flora. Kefir contains the ingredients to support and strengthen these bacteria in our bodies

 Good Bacteria!

For decades we have known that having positive bacteria is essential for our health. Milk Kefir provides, just like other yoghurt drinks, these positive bacteria but without the industrial additives and is less expensive. Moreover, Kefir contains additional positive bacteria which are all created by Mother Nature; from the Caucasus.


Kefir supports the breakdown of bad cells which are formed through unbalanced nutrition and pollution. It works as a natural antibiotic with the positive bacteria supporting the balancing of your intestinal flora.

Kefir is easy to make at Home!

here are just some of the benefits:

Kefir can act as watchdogs by controlling the spread of undesirable micro-organisms (by altering the acidity of the region they inhabit and/or producing specific anti-biotic substances, as well as by depriving rival unfriendly bacteria of their nutrients). The antibiotics some of the friendly bacteria produce are effective against many harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. Not the least of the potentially harmful yeasts controlled by some lactobacilli is Candida albicans, now implicated in many health problems in people who are malnourished or whose immune systems are depleted. Food poisoning and many bowl and urinary tract infections (diarrhea, cystitis etc.) can be prevented and treated using high bacterial cultures.

Kefir can also help to enhance bowel function. When bowel bacteria are absent, the function of peristalsis is impaired, and the amount of time it takes for food to pass completely through the system is much increased,Kefir can help rectify this.
Kefir can also help to control high cholesterol levels, thereby affording us protection from the cardiovascular damage.

Kefir is widely regarded as the most Potent form of probiotics available

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