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Thorncroft Detox Cordial

Thorncroft Detox Cordial


The Thorncroft cordials are plant-inspired and based around the theme of an English-hedgerow. There are popular flavours as well as some not so well-known mixes and all seven varieties are refreshing with an emphasis on fine flavours.

There are traditionally-English flavours like Elderflower, Nettle, and Detox (really Dandelion & Burdock) whilst others have a more exotic feel, using flavours from the Orient for Kombucha (a slightly peachy-tasting fermented tea-based drink).

About Detox Cordial no added sugar


Thorncroft went back to basics and realised that the purpose of Dandelion and Burdock as ingredients was not flavour - they havenone to speak of - but their cleansing functions. Dandelion is known increase bile flow, and Burdock stimulates the kidneys and the appetite. To this they have added Coriander (which chelates heavy metals such as mercury just as effectively as pharmaceutical chelating agents such as DMPS), liquorice ( known as the great detoxifier, also a great taste), sarsaparilla, ginger, and half a dozen other herbs and spices known for their cleansing effects.

But above all Detox is a great taste, pure fruit juice based, with noadded sugar or preservatives.

A delicious herbal flavour with the added benefit of herbs known to support natural detoxification pathways.

Highly concentrated - dilute 10:1 or to taste with sparkling or still water



Detox Cordial no added sugar ingredients: Concentrated apple juice 87%, liquorice extract, fresh coriander, herbal infusions (dandelion, burdock, sarsaparilla, cinnamon, fennel, ginger, yellow dock, echinacea, red clover blossom, cloves), vitamin C.

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