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Organic Peas Spinach Mint & Quinoa Baby Food 10M+

Organic Peas Spinach Mint & Quinoa Baby Food 10M+


Quinola is the sacred crop of the Incas, the uber tasty, nutritious super-grain that powered the greatest empire South America has ever seen. It’s been recognised as a superfood by NASA, who have earmarked quinoa as a key food source for deep space missions. And we reckon it’s the single sexiest thing to come out of the Americas since the naked tango.

Around 10 months, baby can discover this delicious new recipe. Tiny soft vegetable chunks will introduce him to a first and easy experience of veg textures. The mixture of peas, spinach and parsnip will educate baby’s palate with authentic autumn flavours.


Organic peas 27%
Organic quinoa 21%
Organic spinach 21%
Organic parsnip 7%
Organic mint 0,3%                                

Cooking water


Per 100 g

Kcal 55 / KJ 229
Protein 3,6 g
Carbohydrates 8,2 g
of which sugars 1,8 g
Fats 1,0 g
Of which saturates 0,2 g
Fibre 2,7 g
Salt 0,085 g


Heat for 30 seconds in the microwaves at 750 Watts, either in the pouchor in a dish, or warm the pouch in a pan of boiling water for 1 minute. Stir and check the temperature. Bon appétit!

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