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Nourish Kefir

Nourish Kefir


Make your own kefir at home...

Nourish Kefir starter cultures provide the easiest way to make your own kefir at home.

Each pouch contains six sachets (3 x 2 x 5g) of kefir starter cultures (previously made with real kefir fermented in skimmed milk and then freeze dried).

Each sachet makes one litre of kefir, using fresh milk of your choice, such as cows milk, goats milk, soya milk, lacto-free milk, or even coconut water. UHT milk can also be used if you prefer.

We recommend you use 'whole' milk for a creamier taste and greater nutritional benefits such as fat soluble vitamins, minerals, protein and carbs.

It takes between  24 -30 hours to ferment the cultures in milk at room temperature on colder days.  Your kefir should be transferred to the fridge to chill and stored there.  Consumed within 4 days.

You can also take 200ml of your freshly made kefir to make another one litre portion of kefir, if you wish.

No special equipment is needed, just fresh milk, a jug with a cover or cling film, and general kitchen utensils.

Each pack of 6 x 5g starter cultures costs £15.00


Please note these starter cultures are not live grains and will not grow into kefir grains, they are an easy alternative way to conveniently make your own kefir without the need to look after grains

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