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mozzarella and ricotta cheese making kit

mozzarella and ricotta cheese making kit



With this fantastic cheese making kit you will be able to make batch after batch of real home made ricotta and mozzarella. Nothing beats the taste of authentically home made cheese, and with this kit a ball of freshly made mozzarella will cost you next to nothing!

Make your own home made stringy mozzarella to add to salads, pasta, pizza and more and tasty ricotta for sauces, pasta and more.

Our cheese making kit contains everything you need to make home made Mozzarella & Ricotta in less than an hour!  Just add milk and you'll be making cheese in no time at all.It’s so easy to do. The kit contains enough rennet, salt and citric acid to make 20L worth of cheese. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you could be sitting down to eat your own freshly made, yummy cheese. You can add your own herbs and spices to the cheeses too so the possibilities are endless.

Each Kit contains:

1. Full instructions on the process and the same fantastic email support you get with any happy kombucha product.
2. Pure, non iodized locally sourced cheese salt
3. Gluten-free, non-GMO Citric Acid
4. Gluten-free, non-GMO vegetarian rennet
5. High quality butter muslin




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