Lo Bros Kombucha Living Soda – Lemonade – Happy Kombucha
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Lo Bros Kombucha Living Soda – Lemonade

Lo Bros Kombucha Living Soda – Lemonade


live fermented Lemonade is a salute to classic old-fashioned lemonade. Made with juicy lemons and raw organic apple cider vinegar, this tongue-tingling number is a zesty, refreshing take on a celebrated drink.  We use traditional fermentation processes to create living enzymes and convert natural sugars into beneficial acids. The resulting drink delivers a classic lemon taste with millions of gut loving bio-cultures and is naturally low in sugar.  Lovingly brewed in Berkshire, all of our kombucha is organic, dairy free, gluten free and vegan.


Filtered Water, Kombucha* (Mother Culture*, Sugar*, (Green Tea*, Oolong Tea*), Apple Cider Vinegar (2%), Lemon Juice (<1%), Natural Lemon Flavour (<1%), Probiotics (<1%)*Certified Organic Ingredients

* Organic Ingredients

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