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I'm a ginger and lime organic Kombucha

I'm a ginger and lime organic Kombucha


Ginger Organic Kombucha

The ginger is not subtle but gives you a tingle on your tongue and the hint of lime compliments the ginger fantastically.


What am I?...   Love Kombucha, a refreshing soft drink, made by adding a live culture to sweetened green tea. The culture consumes the tea and sugar and creates Kombucha! It simple recipe of  organic ingredients  includes; filtered water, Green tea, Sugar and a Kombucha culture which is removed before bottling. Then we add the flavour – natural blueberries, grated ginger, mango, freshly squeezed lime.

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Why drink me?...Apart from being a great alternative to unhealthy sweet carbonated soft drinks…The fermentation process leaves it loaded with lots of good stuff…probiotics, organic enzymes and amino acids

Who are we?...Love Kombucha is a UK family business who are passionate about putting good things into our bodies. We like feeling good!

How to drink me?...We think Love Kombucha tastes best chilled or over ice, however its also great at room temperature.  It can also be used as a mixer with spirits to create your own cocktail!  Keep refrigerated or if you prefer leave at room temperature to increase natural carbonation.  As its all natural and unpasteurized...it's common for things to grow as its a living product, it's only organic goodness and will do you no harm.  Pass it through a strainer if you prefer to filter it out, the liquid has bags of goodness too

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